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Garage Door Opener Repair Houston Texas

In need of garage door opener repair? Contact one of our many skilled garage door repair specialists today to provide your garage door machine with the advocated service and maintenance approaches for smooth and reliable operation. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, our garage door repair professionals are here for you!

Broken Springs Houston Texas

One of the most common garage door problem homeowners have to face is broken garage door spring. The spring can be broken through/by winding or other mishap. In additon, they may be a bit risky since they have very strong forces held within them.Therefore, TJ'S Garage Door Serivce offers the professional expertise and proper tools to perform a garage door spring replacement in texas and its surburbs.

Doors off Track Repair Houston Texas

When a garage door is off the track, you will have problem in opening and closing it. Depending on the weight of the door, it may be very tough to move. To fix this problem, the door will need to be re-attached to the hanger as well as replace sliding closet doors with standard doors. We do things one way...the right way.

Bent Panels Houston Texas

If you are in need of bent panels, or any other types of bent panels, the team at TJ'S Garage Door Serivce is here to help. We offer you a wide range of structural and speciality applications of bent garage door panel in Baytown, Sugrland, Humble, Conroe, Spring and its regions.

New Garage Doors install Houston Texas

Are your garage doors falling apart? Follow along as our expert shows how to safely install a new garage door install and how to remove the old one. New garage doors are safer and easier to operate. TJ'S Garage Door Service offers the professional expertise to install the new garage door in Texas and its surrounding regions. Nearly every company that sells garage doors offers full service, including delivery, removal of your old door, and installation. Because garage doors are large, heavy, and mildly complicated, most people who buy them take advantage of these services. Therefore, you can save some money and enjoy the satisfaction of getting qualitative installation of new garage door. So, TJ'S Garage Door Service is at your door-step for qualitative repair and maintenance as well as installation.

Dislodged Rollers Repair Houston, Texas

TJ'S Garage Door Service offers a wide selection of dislodged rollers in Houston, Texas. Our experts are well-trained in the system for reinserting a dislodged roller of an overhead door assembly movable in an upward and a downward direction which includes an overhead door having a pair of peripheral edge surfaces parallel to the direction of door movement. Each edge surface having a plurality of rollers positioned along its length, and a pair of door tracks, each of which defines an internal space which receives the plurality of rollers and permits the movement of the rollers along the track. Each door track defining spaced ends, wherein the dislodged roller is removed from the door track internal space, the system comprising a reinsertion bracket mounted to at least one of the tracks intermediate the door track ends, wherein each reinsertion bracket functions to engage the dislodged roller and reposition the dislodged roller within the door track internal space upon movement of the dislodged roller in either the upward or downward direction past the reinsertion bracket.

Tim Lewis

CEO & Founder

Thank you for your interest in TJ's Garage Door Service. If your garage door is experiencing problems, we will ensure proper repair and maintenance of your existing door because we do things one way...the right way. I will call or email you promptly, typically within the hour. Thank you

Serving Houston, Conroe and Surrounding areas.